Nature Activities, Projects and Excursions NSW

Programs and activities freely available

1) Taronga Zoo’s program ‘Backyard Buddies: Backyard to Bush‘ is designed for educators, but elements and ideas may be taken to support environmental learning in diverse contexts. “It is a resource designed to introduce young children to the importance of caring for wildlife in an urban environment.”

Programs subject to availability according to dates (school holiday programs, etc)

1) National Parks NSW offers school holiday programs called ‘Wilder Quest’. Wilder Quest teaches children about the Australian coastline by taking them on a Sea Creatures Treasure Hunt or activities for children to follow some of their favourite animals on a ‘Scats and Tracks tour’ through the rainforest..

Calendar of Nature Events by the Australian Conservation Foundation


2) The Australian Conservation Foundation have created a program called ‘EarthKids’ that is an online and interactive way for children to learn about sustainability and the environment using the ‘EarthKid’ characters. Small, easy-to-complete nature-based tasks are created for children to complete. These build their understanding of the environment around them using their senses, then record the completion of their tasks online. This program is one way technology may be engaged with to support learning, as physical tasks are combined with online activities to build understanding.

“EarthKids are gardening, recycling, composting, and sharing what they are learning about sustainable living with their parents, friends, teachers, schools and communities, and they want to learn more.”

Activity ideas

1) Creating windmills. Remember, conversation is key to connection. Describe the beautiful sensory experience of seeing and feeling and hearing the wind. Activities don’t have to be a ‘time-filler’. They can be wonderful opportunities to connect to the world and to the little people you love.


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